International Students' Officer

Ganesh Reddy Vagalla


The International Students’ Officer liaises with relevant groups and individuals to identify issues pertaining to international postgraduates, and ensures the interests of this cohort are represented at the MPAEC and within the broader university. 

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I belong to a family of three. My fascination to machines and their working principles drove me to choose mechanical engineering as my career path. My quest for learning advanced technologies in this field steered me to pursue my Masters at Monash University. I am an explorer, like to interact with new people from different backgrounds.

As an international student, I initially faced few challenges getting habituated to the new lifestyle. I wanted to make my fellow international students well acquainted with my experiences and guide them up to my potential. That is why I chose to become an international student officer. And the MPA gave me this opportunity to reach out and help my fellow international students. This is my first term at the MPA.

Personal interests

My leisure activities include cycling and playing cricket. Trekking is my passion. I am a hobby climber and I love to backpack instantly when it comes to exploring adventurous places. Also, I believe healthy lifestyle promotes positive attitude.

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