MPA Excellence Seminar Series

The Excellence Seminar Series is a standout on the MPA’s calendar of seminars and social events, designed to complement the studies and academic pursuits of postgraduate students. This series provides Monash postgraduate students with the opportunity to hear from some of the most influential and expert individuals in recent times. Likewise, it provides a platform for inspirational and enthusiastic speakers to share their wisdom and experience with an attentive audience who themselves are striving for excellence in their individual field.

The Excellence Seminar Series targets professional and careers skill development beyond the scope of academic programs alone. The vision of the series is to help create well-rounded, deeply engaged individuals who are connected and can identify their place in the world through the promotion of values such as excellence, creativity, well-being, connection and community engagement.

Past presenters have included Tim Costello, Dr Inger Mewburn (aka The Thesis Whisperer), Tim Jarvis, Tania de Jong, Kris McCarthy, Derrick McManus, Jenny Clifton, Clementine Ford and most recently Yassmin Abdel-Magied.

2016 season

Clementine Ford - Author & Social Commentator

Clementine is an Australian writer, who from the comfort of her local cafe, brings foppish tales, self deprecating whimsy and withering feminist social analyses in her regular columns in The Age and her Tumblr blog.

Clementine take on social issues is bold, brave and entertaining. She inspires and challenges people of all ages in equal measure.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied - Mechanical Engineer & Social Advocate

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is an inspirational young Muslim leader. She has already had a fascinating career, which spans mechanical engineering, writer, activist, film producer and media spokesperson. Born in Sudan, Yassmin and her family arrived in Australia just before she turned two and since then she has devoted her energy and talents to making the world a better place.

At age 16, she founded Youth Without Borders. At age 24, she released her first book. She is a sought-after advisor for federal governments and international bodies, having sat on the Australian Multicultural Council, the Board of the Queensland Museum and the Design Council. .

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