Intellectual Property

Our advocates are well versed in offering intellectual property advice to graduate students. If you have any concerns, speak to the MGA!

What is intellectual property?

Intellectual property (IP) is, in a nutshell, what your mind or intellect creates.  This property is protected at law by what are known as IP rights.  When you enrol at Monash University you agree to be bound by its rules.  One such rule relates to IP ownership.  This regime is relevant mostly to research students.

It is important to note that Monash University makes no claim to copyright in a thesis.

However, you may be asked to assign (meaning give away) your IP to Monash when:

  • You invent something using university funding, resources, facilities, apparatus, enabling the research which resulted in the invention;
  • IP belonging to Monash was used by you to create the IP; or
  • when the IP belongs to a third party, such as an industry partner or sponsor.

The trigger which requires a student to assign their IP is ‘collaborative activity’, which is very broad but does not include supervision per-se, or access to generic resources. You can view Monash University’s statute and regulations on intellectual property online.

What about authorship?

Authorship works in a slightly different way to IP ownership at Monash.  Authorship is not strictly speaking IP, but it is mentioned in the Copyright legislation.

Monash University has a policy and procedure which all research students should read. These include the rules governing an entitlement to be named as author, such as:

  • conceiving and designing the project;
  • contributing to significant or non-routine collection of data that has required significant intellectual judgement and input;
  • analysing or interpreting data for the creation of the research output, where this contributes to the intellectual shaping of the research; and/or,
  • drafting significant parts of the research output or critically revising it in a way that contributes to its interpretation.

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