We know graduate students have a lot going on and have limited opportunities to socialise. That’s why throughout the year we organise events like trivia nights, free lunches, short seminars and more. The MGA also organises regular off-campus trips and activities.

Throughout the year, the MGA organises a number of workshops and seminars to provide graduate students with the opportunity to develop their skills, network with one another, discuss current issues and upcoming trends.

Got an event or activity idea that you think other graduate students would want to get involved in? Talk to the MGA about it; we can help you get your idea off the ground!

Are you a new graduate student at Monash? What’s next?

The MGA will be holding fantastic events through O Week and Week 1! Our events provide new students with the opportunity to see what the MGA offers and the benefits of staying connected with us throughout your journey at Monash.