HDR Update

The MGA advocates have got some sound advice and new updates for HDR students at Monash.

Greetings to all research students! We thought mid-semester would be a good time for an update on all things HDR. We know you are all time poor, so here is the latest news in point form: 

  • The Graduate Research Completion Award (GRCA) will continue to be offered through 2021 and possibly into 2022.  This is financial support for research students in their final year.
  • Student travel to overseas conferences and study away remains suspended until 30 October when it will be reviewed.
  • Students applying for deferrals in their degree need to make a case. Approvals are not automatic.
  • Monash University has made a generic submission to the Federal Government arguing that PhD students overseas should have their return travel approved on the grounds of their significant contributions to the national research effort. Students can submit their own application for exemption and will be supported by the Monash Graduate Research Office (MGRO).
  • Monash University is looking at using software (similar to Turnitin) to ensure the authenticity of thesis chapters as part of the University’s audit of academic integrity. MGA has recommended that such software be made available to students to use on a voluntary basis.
  • Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020 became law in December last year.  This legislation imposes an obligation on Monash University to declare agreements made with some overseas entities.  While there is no burden placed on students, it is early days and the MGA welcomes any student concerns which may arise.
  • MGRO plans to keep central professional development completely online for first quarter of 2021. However, MGRO and faculties hope to have face-to-face delivery after mid-semester break or at mid-year. 

MGA Advocacy and Academic Support

The MGA is independent from the University and all matters discussed with our advocates are confidential. The MGA Advocacy service is free for Monash graduate students.

MGA advocates are able to assist HDR students on issues such as:

  • student-supervisor relationships;
  • milestone completions;
  • intellectual property;
  • intermission and leave applications.

To book an appointment, email us or call the Clayton office on 9905 3197 or the Caulfield office on 9903 1880.