MGA report on the effects of COVID-19 on graduate students in 2020

How has the pandemic affected graduate students at Monash? Read this report to find out.

Thanks to the 900 graduate students who have taken the time to complete our survey with their honest responses and thoughtful suggestions, we now have a clearer picture of how the pandemic has affected graduate students at Monash.

The MGA will use the information obtained to lobby for improvements and a better graduate student experience. If you’d like to see how we have used survey data previously provided by graduate students, go to our reports and submissions page.

Stay tuned for a more detailed upcoming MGA report looking at the overall health, family and finances of Monash graduate students.

Fast facts

  • Just under a third of the graduate population indicated that their mental health was either extremely poor or poor after the pandemic hit Australia.  (Those indicating that their mental health was either extremely poor or poor rose from 8% at commencement to 31% during the pandemic.) 
  • 70% of Monash graduate student parents with a child/children of high-school age or younger agreed that it was difficult to cope with childcare responsibilities during the COVID- 19 pandemic. In comparison, 26% agreed that it was difficult prior to the pandemic. 
  • Just over one in every five (21%) Monash graduate students who completed the survey had applied for a COVID-19 Hardship and Compassionate Grant.