Privacy Policy

The Monash Graduate Association (“MGA”) is a Victorian incorporated not-for-profit association, and is the Monash University recognised representative association for all graduate students enrolled through the Australian campuses of Monash University.  As a part of our day-to-day operations, the MGA holds social events and competitions, offers advocacy and support services, organises volunteer and mentoring opportunities; runs academic support seminars and disseminates marketing and communication materials to its constituents.

This privacy policy outlines the MGA’s commitment to protecting the privacy of personal information we receive throughout the course of our regular operations. By providing your personal information to us, the information will be handled in accordance to this privacy policy, the MGA Privacy Regulations and alongside all other governing documents of the MGA which can be found at

  1. Collection of information

We collect information to facilitate the delivery of our events, services, and communications to our graduate student-constituents. The purposes of information collection include:

  1. To register your personal profile on the website
  2. To verify your identity and eligibility to access our services
  3. To communicate with you in the delivery of our services; campaigns, and events
  4. To enable the delivery of our advocacy advice and support services
  5. To refer you to the appropriate body, entity or service
  6. To allow us to comply with state and federal law
  7. To permit you to participate as a candidate and/or vote in committee elections
  8. To enable the delivery of our volunteer and mentoring program
  9. To foster student representation
  10. To conduct surveys of student opinions and concerns
  11. To enable statistical analysis and research for reporting and policy-making.

This information may be provided by Monash University, or be directly provided by you to us.

  1. Types of Information Collected

Depending on the purpose of the information collection, information received and held by the MGA can include: full names, phone numbers, email addresses, University ID number, health information. (physical or mental, disability, treatments, use of health services)

Other information can also be collected and received based on the individual’s discretion, including messages and comments submitted as a part of information exchange programs, surveys and the like.

  1. Access and corrections

You have the right to request access any personal information that we have and which pertains to you. To access your information, please send a request by email to the address below setting out the details of your request and evidence of your identity. We will respond in writing within 30 days regarding the outcome of your request. In some circumstances set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), we can refuse your request. If your request for correction or access is refused, we will inform you of the reasons. If your request is allowed, you will incur an administration fee of $20 for your request plus any photocopying costs, in order to be processed and completed.

  1. Corrections

The MGA aims to ensure that any personal information we have about you is accurate and complete, and that it is not out of date, irrelevant, or misleading. Should you believe that the information we hold about you is not up to this standard, you can email us at the address below with a request for correction. We will respond in writing within 30 days regarding the outcome of your request. Where the correction is granted, we will take all reasonable steps to amend the information. If your request for correction is refused, we will inform you of the reasons.

  1. Retention of Information

The period of retention of information will vary depending on the purpose of the information. For advocacy related matters, your information will be retained for up to 7 years.

For all other purposes, personal information will be destroyed or de-identified where it is no longer needed for the original purpose. Paper documents are shredded and disposed. Digital documents are permanently deleted from our storage and servers where possible.

In the event any de-identified data is held by third party we will endeavour to provide you with the contact details for that 3rd party so as you may approach them directly with your request.

  1. Data Storage and Security

The MGA is committed to protecting the privacy of our constituents’ information. The MGA utilises a combination of digital storage and encryption protections offered by Monash University and Polymorphic Solutions. All our information is securely stored on mainland Australia.

Physical files containing your information are stored in locked cabinets with secure access. Online documents are protected by digital access controls. All MGA staff are trained to understand and enforce our privacy policies and procedures.  Access to your information is restricted to MGA staff only for purposes required of performing their duties.

The MGA web page may contain links to other pages of interest. MGA takes no responsibility for the linked pages. Data transmission over the internet is open to security breaches. Transmission security cannot be guaranteed as a result. Individuals are cautioned to exercise care in transmitting information.

  1. Third Party Disclosure

Your information will not be disclosed to any Australian or overseas third party (including Monash University) without your prior verbal or written permission. Information will be disclosed if required by state or federal law or to protect you or anyone else from imminent harm.

  1. Complaints

Complaints regarding matters of privacy (e.g. breach of the Australian Privacy Principles), should be made by email to the MGA Senior Advocate (see contact details below). Please provide as much detail of the matter as possible in your communications to us, as well as information about your authority to act for the individual whose information the complaint is about.

Should the matter not be satisfactorily resolved within 30 days, you can also escalate the issue to the MGA Executive Officer (see contact details below) and Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

  1. Contact Details

For concerns, notices, or inquiries, please contact: