Coursework Education Officer

Karan Mehta


The Coursework Education Officer is responsible for liaising with appropriate bodies in relation to issues
pertaining to coursework postgraduates of Monash
University and ensuring that the concerns of coursework postgraduates are brought to the attention of the MPAEC.

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Hailing from India, I was born and raised in the State of Gujarat which undoubtedly imbibed the idea to profit from your every action since my early childhood. From running a lemonade stand in front of my house to heading a one of the fastest rising start-up in Gujarat, I have done it all.

Being inclined towards helping others and trying to improve the way of life, Biomedical Sciences seemed the perfect way to go about, hence I completed my Undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering and currently pursuing Masters of Advanced Medical Engineering (coursework). Having Co-founded and headed a paper based bulk printing start-up called for more than 2 years has not only taught to me struggle through the ups and downs of corporate industry but also the joy of seeing your efforts turn into success.

I was enrolled into Monash University about a year ago and similar to many international students, I faced difficulty adapting to the new academic structure and way of life here in new country. As the Australian way phased into me, I spent more time in campus especially at the post graduate lounges. So far Monash has been a roller coaster ride, with another year to go, I do not expect anything else from it.

Even during my undergrad college, I was active in the student communities an organizations. This eventually led me to become Public Relations Convener for a university with more than 40,000 students. My experience there taught me the skills of diplomacy and branding. During my early days at Monash MPA helped me understand the coursework load and its delegation along with the academic support through mentor program. Every year thousands of Post graduate students enrol in Monash. I see my position as a small step to help them ease their transition to new university.

As an Education Officer for postgraduate community, I hope to install a wider coverage of our mentorship program to assist the students as well as assure a sound representation of post graduate concerns and suggestions at the higher levels of Monash administrative bodies.

Personal interests

Food Games and Movies are my escape mechanisms from the monotonous life. I am one of those individuals who always has a book with them whenever I am travelling. Long journeys with good music and couple of friends is my way of stress management.

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Karan Mehta

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