General Representative

Mak Tsz Yan (Dorothy)


General representatives may contribute to the MPA in any of the following ways:-

  • attending the monthly MPAEC meetings, contributing to decision making and voting on issues of concern

  • conducting some background research to support an MPA submission

  • talking to postgraduates in their department/course/faculty to find out what the current issues are

  • contributing to one of the many subcommittees that are created for a specific event/issue

  • volunteering at an MPA orientation, social event or seminar


I am a social work postgraduate from Hong Kong (HK). I am a cheerful, ethusiastic about learning and I love to interact with others. My vision is to help advocate and empower other individuals. As such, I have taken up numerous leadership roles in various student associations such as the HK Outstanding Tertiary Students’ Service Association, HK Outstanding Youth Volunteers Association and AIESEC HK before starting my postgraduate degree at Monash University.

Based on my experience with the MPA, I strongly believe it is a unique network that strives to enhance the relationship between postgraduate students while ensuring that the voice of postgraduates can be heard at university-wide. I will endeavour to engage with more postgraduates and hear YOUR views without bias. I also have a particular interest to enhance the physical and mental health of students.

My Course

My coursework postgraduate degree in social work enables me to achieve my vision of ‘creating positive value to society through empowering individuals to overcome challenges and building their own capabilities’ in a more systemic way. Emphasizing the value of respect, social justice and professional integrity, social work equips me to be a change maker. Acquiring social workers’ professional knowledge and skills from the classroom learning and placement experience can definitely support me to better realise my vision.

Personal interests

I love traveling and diving! It is my way of exploring the world. Just like any other University student, I enjoy the simple pleasures in life - cooking, eating, sleeping and watching movies! Next to food, my hobby is exercising! This is how I maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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