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The Peninsula Campus Representative initiates campus-based activities, identifies issues pertaining specifically to their campus and ensures the interests of Peninsula–based postgraduates are represented at the MPAEC and within the broader university. 

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Jeanne Freer is a teacher and counsellor who has worked with educators and meditators in the UK, the US, France and Australia. Named Dhammavada in 2007, Jeanne incorporates Buddhist principles in her work, intending to help others attain their fullest potential. Currently teaching at Monash University, Jeanne is also researching the cognitive and affective processes of resilient older women.

Reports by Jeane Freer

Re: Peninsula Campus Representative August Report
Date: Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Thank you all for your feedback about your prayer space needs. I have compiled these and submitted them to the Director of the Peninsula Campus who has accepted them and forwarded them to the Campus Chaplain for consideration with other submissions in the creation of the campus prayer space. While we most likely will have to compromise so that everyone can be accommodated, it is hoped that we will all find that the new space meets our needs.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor has agreed to have an ‘Historic Building’ plaque erected for Struan House, currently the Post-Graduate Centre on campus. Knowing more about this oldest building on our beautiful campus will help us appreciate our space and enable us to tell others more about it. There is of course somewhat of a long-winded bureaucratic process to follow before the plaque goes up but watch this space for exciting developments.

Last month I enjoyed visiting Lake Mountain to play in the snow with so many of you. And I look forward to seeing some of you at the First Annual MPA Winter Ball coming up at the iconic San Remo Ballroom in Melbourne. I hope you have already bought your tickets and polished up your dancing shoes! Keep an eye on the various calendars for the wonderful events that Caroline and Rhian help us organise.

Re: Peninsula Campus Representative July Report
Date: Wednesday, 18 July 2018

What are your needs for prayer space while on campus? The administration is currently evaluating what students need so that the best possible provision for prayer opportunities for all student communities can be included in the campus refurbishment. I have heard from some community members, and would like to hear from you as well. The Buddhists, Catholics and Hindus would all like an image, preferably a statue, on some sort of raised platform with space for offerings beneath. What about those of your of other faiths - Sikhs, Jews, Confucians and all the rest of our richly diverse community?

The offerings that we make in our prayer spaces must of course be in line with OHS regulations, which means no open flame, hence no candles or burning incense. So it would be helpful to know what kinds of offerings would fulfill your religious needs while aligning with university regulations. Flowers have a potential, though I will have to make enquiries about maintenance, and whether students would be required to have a roster for clearing away and cleaning these spaces. So your ideas on this would be much appreciated.

These are all very important matters to those for whom they are important, even if you only visit an on-campus prayer space very occasionally. Times of personal or community crisis or severe loss are often motivators for entering a campus prayer space, as can be the search for a quiet reflective environment while preparing for exams. It is comforting to know that such a space exists and honours the needs of your spiritual practice. So please do let me have your feedback so that I can pass it to the administration in a timely manner.

Re: Peninsula Campus Representative June Report
Date: Thursday, 7 June 2018

There are lots of exciting happenings on campus this winter and several places to go for information about them. To learn the details of the campus events that Rhian of MPA is offering in response to your requests, have a look at the various calendars on this newsletter. Rhian has been working hard to organise the wellness and social activities that you have said you would like, so let her know you appreciate her efforts by participating with her when you can. For general winter events on campus the best place to go for information is the campus Facebook page. Check it out regularly to be sure that you don't miss out.

Re: Peninsula Campus Representative May Report
Date: Tuesday, 8 May 2018

An exciting new initiative on our campus is the Monthly Peninsula Campus Research Seminar.

This is a lunch meeting in the Seahorse Tavern hosted by the administration. All academics from all faculties as well as all postgraduates are invited to attend, and you are encouraged to bring industry partners in research to these meetings. This is a tremendous innovation, acknowledging as it does that scholars need adult social venues in which to have collaborative exchanges with other scholars and funders. I urge you to attend these meetings with your supervisors or other academics with whom you are working, and whenever possible to bring your external partners as well. The administration needs to see a positive uptake of this initiative to continue to bear the expense of organising and staffing it. If we want our campus to be a hub of scholarship, which would be a rewarding experience for us and a value-add for Frankston and the Mornington Peninsula, we need to do our part to help it flourish.

One additional benefit of these Research Seminars is an improvement in the food on offer, another campus improvement for which I have been agitating. The Peninsula campus Executive Officer, Melinda Cafarella, ensures that the food at these events is of the highest quality, healthy and tasty. She is also able to ensure the same for the gluten free food made available, for which I am personally particularly grateful, as this is often a poor afterthought at campus events. So you can be confident that you and your guests will have an adult repast in a friendly, collegial and scholarly environment, a prerequisite of building a vibrant research community.

If you or your supervisors are not already receiving notification of these events, contact Joanne Reilly at and ask her to put you (and your supervisors) on the mailing list. The next next Monthly Peninsula Campus Research Seminar will be on Thursday 31 May at 13h. Be sure to let your supervisor know, and perhaps you can attend together. RSVP to Melinda Cafarella.

Date: Friday, 20 April 2018 Re: Peninsula Campus Representative April Report

An excellent opportunity to find out more about MPA and how the Executive Committee operates is coming up on 9 May. The Annual General Meeting will be open to all post graduates and will include pizza and soft drinks (if you have other dietary needs, you can let Jessica know when you register). This important event will take place on Wednesday 9 May on the Clayton campus.

Because the event starts at 1pm, you will have to take the 10:05 shuttle from Peninsula, as the 12:10 shuttle arrives too late to ensure you will arrive on time. So you will have about two hours to fill before the meeting starts; perhaps a good moment to explore the newly refurbished Matheson library. The meeting and socialising should be over in time for you to get the 3:25 shuttle back to Peninsula.

The MPA AGM will be held in the MPA postgraduate lounge, first floor, Campus centre, Clayton campus beginning with a formal meeting at 1pm followed by open discussion.

Date: Monday, 12 March 2018 Re: Peninsula Campus Representative March Report

There's lots happening on campus this month. It's Summerfest and there's the Beach Fair, the Dodgeball competition and more. Check out the Monash Peninsula Campus Facebook page for all the details.

MPA elections are coming up and this is the month for nominations. I cannot run again so Peninsula Campus will be looking for a new champion. Come along to the information meeting on Wednesday March 14th to learn how to participate.

Counselling service provisions are currently bering reviewed by the university, so if you have any concerns about university counsellors or any experiences you have had, please let me know so that I can pass them on through the appropriate channels.

I hope your semester is going well and that your research is progressing to your satisfaction.

Date: Friday, 8 February 2018 Re: Peninsula Campus Representative February Report

The development plans for building works on the Peninsula Campus are well underway. The Building and Property Division is holding an information session for all interested staff and students. The details are:

Date: Thursday 15 February, 2018
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Venue: George Jenkins Theatre, Peninsula

If you would like more information on this event, please contact Sabrina Martenstyn at or 03 9902 0825.

I will be travelling in Queensland so will be unable to attend this event. If you make it to the event, do let me know your impressions.

Learning Skills Advisor Diana Jeske with whom I was developing some exciting postgraduate groups for the Peninsula Library has been transferred to the Caulfield campus, where they will have the benefit of Diana's enthusiasm and expertise. I will be arranging to meet the new person taking up Diana's role to see what we can come up with to attract you to the library writing groups.

Next month I will be letting you know about the coffee morning/afternoon tea planned for after the Easter holiday. If you have any preferences of days please let me know.

Other events that may interest you are outings that Rhian is planning, here on the Mornington Peninsula which should make them very easy for Peninsula Post Grads to attend. A night time visit to the local animal sanctuary is particularly to be recommended even if you don't have any children to take with you. The reopened cable car at Arthur's Seat is a treat, and bush walks at Cape Schanck are always a great outing.

Date: Thursday, 4 January 2018 Re: Peninsula Campus Representative January Report

The Peninsula Campus End-of-Year party was enjoyed by all who attended, with croquet on the lawn, lots of prizes and plenty of food . Food was provided by the Upperdeck Cafe caterers, and dairy and gluten free was clearly labelled, which is hopefully a harbinger of things to come. Clear labelling of common food allergens will benefit everyone.

The most exciting project for the new year has been a positive response from the DVC Peninsula to the possibility of a Peninsula Monash Club. There are of course budgetary constraints around any such development, but I will be submitting as much data as possible on potential users' needs and requests. If you would be willing to discuss the idea of a Peninsula Monash Club with me, please contact me directly at

I hope you have had a good break, with some relaxing moments with friends and family, and that you are returning refreshed for your teaching and research.

Date: Wednesday, 1 November 2017
Re: Peninsula Campus Representative November Report

The last constituent surgery of the year was held in October. We brainstormed how to bring more post-graduates on to campus. The primary focus is on better communication - how to let you know what is happening, when and where. We will continue to make use of all of the available hard copy and electronic notice boards. If you are aware of a notice board in your area that does not receive MPA posters, please let me know. We will be having our next surgery in March of 2018, and notices of this event will be posted around campus and noted in the MPA online calendars.

We also discussed the post-graduate preference for organising meetings around a meal, and the continuing difficulty of doing so on this campus. While the SeaHorse Tarvern is now open, it is primarily a drinking and gaming centre, as is so much of Frankston, and not a place to have a thoughtful research meeting over a tasteful and healthy meal. The issue has been raised again with the campus administration, and they are aware of the challenge. The primary difficulty at the moment is the small 'customer base' on the Peninsula campus. This may change soon, with the arrival of transfer students from the closing Berwick campus. In addition, there was a 30% increase in Open Day participation at Peninsula, possibly due to the ability of our beautiful campus to advertise as a destination of choice for study, rather than just as another Monash satellite.

For those of us who appreciate the ecological benefits of our beautiful surroundings on this campus, I urge you to let the Monash administration, both locally and centrally, know how much you value the natural environment in which we operate. Expansion and improved communication plans include more electronic screens and broadcasting sound systems in some of our green areas, currently natural peaceful environments for reflection and deeper intellectual work, as well as sharing a picnic with friends, doing yoga, or playing frisbee.

The energy for this campus is picking up, and with this will come both benefits and challenges. I will continue to represent you at Campus Experience Meetings as well as at MPA and other groups, and I continue to invite you to let me know what points you would like me to put forward. I look forward to a rewarding 2018.

Date: Monday, 2 October 2017
Re: Peninsula Campus Representative October Report

I am pleased to report that The George café is now offering gluten free sweet biscuits (“cookies”). These delicious offerings are produced by Priestley’s Gourmet Delights in Queensland. Do try these wonderful eats, found in the basket on the counter at The George, the next time you are ordering tea or coffee. This will also signal to the café owner that we really appreciate the provision of gluten-free options.

The indefatigable Sue Wilson is now creating an academic reading group for Monash HDR/ECR’s and the first meeting is here at Peninsula Campus, Monday 2 October at 11am in A2.34. Healthy snacks will be provided. Virtual attendees are able to participate in this technologically enabled room. You are invited to bring something you have been reading and comment on it for one minute, which will “be an element of each month’s discussion” according to Sue. There will also be a main text to read and discuss each month. For more details and to find out about subsequent meetings, contact Sue directly at

MPA has endorsed a ‘yes’ response to the Marriage Equality survey and I would like to encourage you all to respond to the survey. It is so important that we let people everywhere know that Australia respects love, and understands that marriage is a private agreement between two individuals who desire to formalise and celebrate their commitment to one another.

The next coffee morning / afternoon tea event, when we can get together for a chat, is Thursday 12 October. Look out for the posters around campus and check the events calendars on the MPA site. Unfortunately, due to the ‘fashion upgrade’ of the BusEco building, they no longer have any bulletin boards available, so you will have to be a bit more pro-active in informing yourself about our get-togethers. I hope this will not put you off and that I will have a chance to spend some time with you on the 12th. This will be the last get-together this year. The next one will be in March 2018, so do take advantage of this opportunity.

Date: Friday, 1 September 2017
Re: Peninsula Campus Representative September Report

Shut up and Write will no longer be meeting at Straun House. The MPA Campus Development Officer has asked the library to offer this group at Clayton. Shut up and Write at Straun has been both a research support and a networking hub for postgraduates, especially HDR's, for a number of years, and it will be sorely missed. Let's give a big 'shout out' to Sue Wilson for her commitment of time, energy and personal resources to the Shut up and Write project. We hope that Sue can find a new focus for her service efforts soon, and look forward to supporting her. In the meantime, you might want to contact the Learning Skills librarian in the campus library, who will now be providing all writing support, in conjunction with English Connect.

The first 'constituent surgeries' were held in August, to hear what you want and need on the Peninsula campus. The next one is scheduled for October. Check the events calendar on this website or look out for the posters announcing the events, which will be in MPA colours so they should be easier to spot among all the fliers posted around. Coffee, tea and cakes can be had, so do come by and say hello. I look forward to meeting you

Date: Monday, 7 August 2017
Re: Peninsula Campus Representative August Report

The most exciting development has been the in-principle agreement to publish a non-confidential version of the monthly campus report which will help all Peninsula campus post-grads to keep up-to-date with campus developments. When these reports are available, an announcement will be put on the MPA Facebook page and the Peninsula campus screen in The George. Be sure to look out for these and follow the links to the report. If there are any difficulties with locating the report, please let me know so that we can get all links working smoothly.

I have scheduled the first of what I hope will be regular constituent surgeries for Thursday 24 August. Morning coffee will be in The George form 9:30 - 10:30 and afternoon tea will be in the Upperdeck Cafe from 3:30 - 4:30 (15:30-16:30). I will have some sort of MPA banner with me, so it will be easy to find me. Do come along, have a free cuppa, and let me know what you want and need our campus.

I continue to liaise with various campus and university administrators to bring improvements to both campus transport and food options. Both of these endeavours have a "long horizon" and I hope hear from you about your preferences so that I can convey these.

Re: Women's Officer August Report

As you are no doubt aware, the SASH Report (the national student survey on sexual assault and sexual harassment conducted by the Australian Human Rights Commission [AHRC] for 39 Australian universities) has now been released.

There is some controversy on the way statistics have been reported and MPA CAPA representatives are considering making an appeal to the AHRC to re-visit their data and reissue some of the statistics to more clearly identify incidents of sexual assault, according to Victorian definitions. I should have more to report on this by next month.

There is also some controversy on who gets the credit, with some stakeholders asserting that universities are claiming credit for work that student organisations have done. Regardless of who deserves the most acknowledgement, this is an important survey, the first of its scope internationally. And perhaps the most important short term outcome is the 10 point action plan that all 39 universities have signed up to. You can find this action plan if you click on the "Respect. Now. Always." tile that now appears on your Monash home page.

Your contribution to change will be to be one of the many holding the university to account for following through on these ten points. Our Vice Chancellor Margaret Gardner is very committed to this plan for Monash, so this will hopefully be a win-win-win for all university stakeholders.

I am writing to inform you that with regret I have decided to resign as Women's Officer of MPA. Recent events have made it clear to me that I do not have the time, energy or support networks necessary to adequately represent and defend women's interests in the current political climate.

Date: Tuesday, 1 August 2017
Re: The AHRC Report on sexual assault and sexual harassment.

The SASH Report (Sexual assault and Sexual Harassment Report) was released today and explained to a small but concerned group of students, professional staff and faculty (including deans) by Deputy Vice Chancellot Education Susan Elliott, Pro Vice Chancellor David Copolov and Executive Director Campus Community Division Vladimi Prpich. Chief Operating Officer Peter Marshall was also in attendance.

As can be expected from such an extensive national survey, it has both strengths and weaknesses. Its primary strength is in providing statistical validation for what students have known anecdotally for years. Students experience sexual harassment and sexual abuse and most students have no clear idea of where to report such instances and little confidence in the structures of the university to provide assistance, support or restoratve justice.

The corollary benefit of having these distressing metrics is the clearly stated commitment of Monash to improve the situation. Monash has signed on to the 10 recommendations for universities nation-wide. I urge you to visit the website to make yourself aware of these and to make efforts, over the long term, to hold Monash to its promise to implement these. A very positive start would thus be made.

Going forward we can hope that "unwelcome touching, hugging, cornering, or kissing" will be moved from the category of sexual harassment to that of sexual assault, which is how most victims/survivors experience such events. To have the definition of "sexual assault" restricted to acts of penetration seems very "old school" and is disappointing and somewhat disheartening when one contemplates what improvements might actually follow from this report.

Nonetheless the commitment to creating a culture change is to be applauded and supported. 5% of the Australian population are university students and education is the third most significant aspect of the national GDP. So a university-supported culture change to an environment of greater sexual safety would be most welcome.

View the AHRC Report

View the 10-point Action Plan unveiled by Universities Australia to prevent and address sexual assault and sexual harassment

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