Eniola David Ibraheem


The President is the official representative and chief spokesperson of the MPA, and is responsible for implementing the decisions of the MPAEC.  The President liaises with the university, negotiates for the MPA budget and advocates for the collective interests of Monash postgraduates. 

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I hail from Nigeria. I am the second out of four kids.I am currently studying a Master of Social Work. It is my second Masters program, I have a masters in International relations and diplomacy. My undergraduate background is International Law and Diplomacy.I have worked as a sales manager, interned as an IT guy for a transportation and logistics company, and worked as a mediator back home. I have also worked as a metro customer service staff and a social worker in Australia.

My experience as a Monash student has overall been a wonderful one. I am privileged to have been exposed to and challenged by a lot of things. I decided to get into the MPA to be instrumental in driving strategic university changes that reflect Postgraduate student wishes and will positively impact the student experience.

I hope to continue to serve in the best interests of my fellow postgraduates’ cohorts and follow in the footsteps of previous presidents. A huge focus for me is student welfare, this includes mental health, academic issues and other social aspects within the university. I hope that University services can be better tailored to suit postgraduates, reflect our needs, and make their professional, academic and social lives as smooth as possible.

I am easy going and would appreciate input from the postgraduate cohorts on how best the I can serve. Please feel free to approach me and suggest your ideas and inputs.

Personal Interests

My personal interests vary but currently I am trying to learn a bit of professional photography and videography. It is only just a hobby for now as I really can’t commit much to it but it does make me happy in my spare time. I also like to read up on random facts, subjects and things I find interesting.

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Eniola David Ibraheem

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