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Hang Yu


Master by Coursework (Journalism)

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The Caulfield Campus Representative initiates campus-based activities, identifies issues pertaining specifically to their campus and ensures the interests of Caulfield–based graduate students are represented at the MGAEC and within the broader university.

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As a master student of journalism from Monash University, I am interested in news reporting and production. My ability to work effectively within a diverse team and my communication skills have been demonstrated in university group projects through team based assignments in Monash, where at times I had to work positively with disagreement amongst team members and deal with them step-by-step. During these times, I needed to actively listen to people’s views, ask questions to understand, clarify and find compromises to help the team work together to get the work done to an exceptional standard.

In terms of other extra-curricular activities that I have taken, two volunteering programs during the winter break and second semester would be the highlights. I worked as a supporting staff and admin assistant in CQ University and Monash Sports Center. Those experiences further enhance my skills in working in a multicultural context and attention to details, and I assume those experiences would help me to prepare my abilities to work as a part of a team.

Furthermore, my ability to pay attention to detail and work to tight timelines and under a varied workload have been demonstrated through three years’ professional experience in an international education and technology corporation based in China. 

Personal Interests

I am interested in exploring new things and sharing what I have experienced.

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