Executive Committee FAQ

MGA Executive Committee FAQs

The Monash Graduate Association (MGA) is the official representative body for all graduate coursework and graduate research students at Monash University. The MGA Executive Committee (MGAEC) governs the MGA by setting policy and providing broad direction. The committee’s aims are to serve the interests and welfare of graduate students by directing activities and projects towards their specific needs. The responsibilities and powers of the MGAEC are set out in section 11 of the MGA constitution.

You are expected to attend 11 regular MGAEC meetings per year. The meetings run for 1 – 2 hours. A number of ad-hoc subcommittees are set-up to work on specific issues as the need arises. While participation on these subcommittees is voluntary, it is likely that you will end up working on at least one during your term of office. MGAEC members are expected to attend the AGM and to assist in running MGA social events during the year and orientation events in February/March and July.

Office-bearer positions are not directly elected by the graduate student population – they are elected from within the newly established committee, usually at the first meeting. Office-bearer positions are: President, Vice-President, Research Education Officer, Coursework Education Officer, International Students’ Officer, Women’s Officer, Queer Officer and Indigenous Students’ Officer. All office-bearers have specific duties, which are set out in section 14 of the MGA constitution.

All MGAEC members can raise, speak to or vote on any issue discussed at the MGAEC meetings. However campus-tagged reps have the additional role of raising any campus-specific issues for discussion. They are also responsible for running small, campus-based social events.

Campus-tagged representatives can apply for any office-bearer position except that of President. General representatives can apply for any office-bearer position.

Yes, the names and email addresses of the current MGAEC members can be found on their respective position pages.

Meetings are held primarily on Clayton and Caulfield campuses, with at least one meeting per year on Peninsula and Parkville.

MGAEC members are not paid a salary but do receive a small stipend. The expectation is that you will voluntarily contribute your time to the benefit of the postgraduate community. However we don’t expect you to be out-of-pocket as a result of your work for the MGA – any costs incurred in the course of carrying out your MGA duties will be reimbursed.

Once you are elected to the MGAEC you will be invited to attend an induction session where the role of the MGA and Executive Committee is explained. You will also be invited to attend the May and June meetings.  During the June meeting, the elections for office-bearers will take place. The first official meeting of the incoming committee will take place in July.

Looking to join the committee?

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