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Graduate student facilities

A graduate student common room is located in Room G24, ground floor, Scott Building.

Facilities include:

  • Kitchenette – hot water boiler, tea & coffee, microwave, sandwich press, fridge and freezer
  • TV
  • subscriptions to Time magazine, New Scientist and The Age
  • phone

Graduate student notice board

There is a graduate student notice board in the foyer of the Scott building. Scholarship information and job opportunities are often posted here.

C L Butchers Pharmacy Library

The CL Butchers Pharmacy Library is located Manning building, Parkville Campus.

The Library offers workshops on a wide range of topics as well as drop-in sessions.

The Library has subject specialist librarians who offer expert advice on finding and using information resources. Learning skills advisers can provide assistance with referencing and citation styles and academic writing skills.

MGA advocacy service at Parkville

The MGA advocate will be at the Parkville campus first Tuesday of every month to provide confidential, one-on-one support to graduate students based at the Parkville campus. Our advocate can help with course progression, authorship, supervision, milestones and other concerns related to your candidature at Monash. To book an appointment, please email Sarah Murphy

Date: First & third Tuesday of every month
Time: 10:00am to 1:00pm
Venue: Meeting room next to Flipside Cafe

Advocate: Sarah Murphy

Parkville Postgraduate Association (PPA)

The Parkville Postgraduate Association (PPA) is the representative body for graduate students at Monash University’s Parkville campus. They play a diverse and multi-faceted role in all aspects of academic, cultural and social student life. As well as organising a multitude of social events, they provide a means of representation for graduate students on the Parkville campus.

PPA peer mentor program

Parkville Postgraduate Association (PPA) has launched a mentoring program between graduate students and researchers in the faculty. The program aims to establish a support system within the faculty and provide opportunities for researchers to share their knowledge and experience with next generation scientists.

This is YOUR chance to star in the mega franchise that is star wars!

For academics and later stage PhD students, this is your chance to be Yoda – Mentor Application

For Honours and ALL PhD students, this is your chance to be Luke – Mentee Application

Later stage PhD students, you are in the unique position of Obi-Wan Kenobi. You can apply to be a mentor to the new cohort of PhD students or be mentored by an academic!

We have something exciting in store for participants of the PPA mentor program. Not only you will gain a mentor or mentee, but you will also gain access to the round table group mentoring session with prominent seniors academics including: Jonathan Baell, Betty Extintaris, Ben Boyd, Helen Irving, Colin Pouton, Natalie Trevaskis, Roger Nation, Peter Scammells, Paul White, David Shackleford, Erica Sloan, Arthur Christopoulos, Chris Porter and more!!!!!

We are looking for outstanding individuals that will be mentors and mentees. You are welcome to apply anytime throughout the year using the google forms. Every two months, PPA will pairing applicants received during that period. The application for first pairing round will be closed at the end of August! Joining the community and apply the program today.

2020 Parkville Postgraduate Association Committee

Sadia Alvi

Vice President
Jamie Lam

Andrew McArthur

Yi Ling Low

Education/Careers Officer
Jiayin Diao

Education/Careers Officer
Meihua Luo 

Well being, Diversity and Inclusion
Samantha McNeill

Well being, Diversity and Inclusion + Social events
Liudi (Aileen) Zhang

Marketing/Communications + Social Events
Grace Chin

Social Events
Nawar Alotaibi

MGA Representative
Jessica Lu

First-year Representative

Honours Representative

General Committee Member
John Azietaku

Graduate student common room

As a graduate student, you are able to access the PPA room (student ID card required). If you can’t get access, either email Elizabeth Stock or see Michael in security. In the PPA room we have range of facilities you can use:

Facilities include:

  • Couches and table area
  • Kitchenette – hot water boiler, tea & coffee, microwave, sandwich press, fridge and freezer
  • TV & DVD player
  • Speaker dock for iPhone and iPod
  • Plugs
  • Arcade table with hundreds classic Arcade games
  • subscriptions to Time magazine and New Scientist
  • phone

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